• BioRF™ artery radar

    BioRF™ artery radar is an innovative sensor to detect artery pulse wave, which offers a revolutionary solution to PWV (pulse wave velocity) and BP (blood pressure) trend monitoring.


    The soft antenna of BioRF™ can closely track artery pulse with no pressure against the skin. The technology could make medical checks on cardio vascular diseases more accessible to people and bringing mobile medical treatment into reality.

    PWV solution

    Never before can pulse wave velocity be measured so easily. Our revolutionary pwv solution empowers wearables with the gold parameter of cardio vascular health.

  • BioRF™ in a watch

    Regarding wrist application, BioRF™ targets radial artery instead of capillaries. At the same time, body hair, skin tone and vascular hypoperfusion will no longer disrupt the measurements.

    Brachial artery

    The magic radar can do so much more than equipping a wrist band or a smart watch. With proper system design, BioRF™ can be integrated into more sophisticated devices targeting cardio-vascular health.


    A pair of BioRF™ sensors can equip your product with the stunning ability to synchronise brachial and ankle artery pulse wave, so you have baPWV in your system.

    Want smart T-shirt?

    We modified out watch shaped system into a T-shirt. BioRF™ captures ECG and subclavian artery pulse wave at the same time. The ups and downs of pulse wave shows respiration rate.

  • Continuous non-invasive blood pressure tracking

    Performance of the watch BP solution

    BP elevation by 3-min exercise

    We referred to widely used methods to induce short term elevation of blood pressure. ​BioRF™ artery sensor generates data that supports accurate measurements of pulse transit time, a strong indicator of SBP.

    Comparing with Omron device

    The first dot was measured after 1 time calibration. 2-4 were measured consequently after 3-min cycling.5-7 were measured resting, during the next 10 minutes.​

  • Comparison of Three Vessel Sensors

    A new bio-sensor, more opportunities.

  • Build your own innovative wearables/products with BioRF™

    Drop us a line, or email marketing@lohas-tech.com.cn

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